January/February 2008

2008 is the year of hope and promise for South Africa, and as Christians we have so much to look forward to. Our hope is in Christ and we can share that hope with others by living a a relevant, anointed and inspired life and by preaching an uncompromised Gospel.JOY! Magazine assists believers in fulfilling this mandate by God - the Great Commission - by equipping you with the Word of God applied in a relevant context. In this January issue we talk about forgiveness after adultery as well as the amazing power of prayer.

- The Fire of God
- The Power of Prayer
- Two Toned Twins
- A Life without Limbs
- Stephen Lungu - Out of the Black Shadows
- Become a Better You- Joel Osteen
- Teach Your Child to say No!
- Forgiveness after Adultery
- Serving with Gladness
- Celebrity New Year Resolutions
- Heart Cry for Revival Suid Afrika - Dr Francious Carr
- Die Onderdanige Eggenote
- Radiogolwe met Hardus Zevenster/ Radio Tygerberg
- Ek is my Broer se Wagter
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