August 2012

It's Women's Month and JOY! is celebrating with an issue featuring Condoleezza Rice, a powerful and God fearing woman. This issue is full of exciting articles, testimonies, and stories. Don't miss your copy!KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:
- Preaching the Gospel: CFAN
- Words of Wisdom
- ‘Trade with Israel’ - Christians March in Solidarity
- USA 2012 Presidential Nominees’ Spiritual Beliefs
- Evangelising Christians
- Should Pastors Study?
- The Great Creation Debate
- Living Where Faith Costs the Most
- 5 Myths About Living Together Before Marriage
- 10 Reasons Why Men Don’t Talk
- Noupoort Dog’s: Helping Addicts, Changing Lives
- Amazing Human Hair
- Interpreting Dreams and Visions
- Highway to Grace
- Telefriend: Just a Phone Call Away
- Infertility: I Can’t Get Over My Longing for a Child
- Ancient Oils: A Fragrant Journey
- The JOY! Trip to Israel and Petra
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