April 2008

In this issue of JOY! we explore the truth of what Good friday really means. Celebrate Easter with us as we remember the death and glorious resurrection of our Lord and Savior!KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:

- Turn Good Friday into God Friday
- ANC Pledge: Why Christians should be Concerned
- Caught out! - My Internet Pornography Addiction
- Married but not Engaged
- The Legendary Skonk Nicholson
- World Vision: Changing Children’s lives
- The Collapse of our Culture  and the Tragedy of Heath Ledger
- Project Pearl: a Remarkable Mission
- Passover, Good Friday and Communion: Chris Peppler

- Briewe aan die Redekteur
- Hartoorplanting on 18!
- Lize Engelbrecht: Deel God se Liefde Uit
- Radiogolwe met Hardus Zevenster: Beter om te gee as om to Ontvang