May 2008

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is possibly the greatest evangelist of modern times. He is such an anointed, holy, passionate man of God, and for our Pentecost issue we thought it was only fitting to speak to him.KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:

- Reinhard Bonnke: The Holy Spirit's Agenda
- How to Be Filled With The Holy Spirit
- The Anointing, Who Needs It?
- Divorce: is There a Christian Alternative?
- I survived a brain aneurysm (testimony)
- The Value of a Bibical Mother
- China closes door on Christians ahead of Olympics
- The Ugly Sin of Domestic Violence
- Race, Religion & the Roots of Obama's Faith
- Do Not Judge or Your Will Be Judged!
- Too Busy For Love?
- What are They Teaching Your Children? Education Crisis!
- New Beginnings: Angus Buchan
- My Special Dwarf Baby
- Play Therapy for Traumatised Children
- History of the AFM/AGS Church in SA: 100 Year Centenary
- Worshipping God Face to Face

- Is Die Kerk Tans Laagwater?
- Vergiffenis: Richard Blackaby
- Ware Dissipel van Jesus