Paying To Die – The Normalisation of Assisted Suicide

Around the world, the normalisation of euthanasia is a growing trend. Many Christians are split on their opinions of euthanasia, not sure whether to see it as an act of compassion, as the world lables it, or as an act of legalised murder, as it technically is. As with all things Biblical, God doesn’t look at legality – He looks at your heart.
Gaining popularity
In recent years, the topic of euthanasia has become more and more common in society. Compared to 10/20 years ago, where assisted suicide may rarely have been spoken about, today there are many “right to die” lobbyists who are campaigning for the right to choose whether or not they may live. This movement errs on similar boundaries and merits as the debate over abortion – is it your right to hold the power of life and death?

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John Bevere – Preaching The Uncompromised Word

John Bevere is an internationally recognised best-selling Christian author and speaker who has a burning sensation to see the Gospel shared throughout the world. He is filled with fire and passion to preach God’s uncompromised Word. John was in South Africa this earlier month preaching in Bloemfontein and Johannesburg, and will return later this month to Cape Town. His messages are powerful, poignant, and personal – sharing many testimonies from his own life. I had the privilege to interview him:

Q. How old were you when you devoted your life to Christ?
A. I gave my life to Jesus Christ in January 1979, while studying at Purdue University. I was 19 years old at the time. A friend of mine, a phenomenal athlete – whom I respected highly – shared Campus Crusade’s Four Spiritual Laws with me. However, I lived four months without the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I struggled on several fronts. The Bible was difficult to understand; I didn’t have the power to live a life that bore witness to Jesus effectively. After several months of seeking, on June 3rd, I was filled with the Holy Spirit. My life was totally changed from that day forward.

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Governmental Use Of Facial Recognition Technology Is Ending Your Privacy

Facial recognition holds the promise of an incredible leap forward in law enforcement, but backwards in individual rights. No longer will oppressive governments need to employ human watchers to monitor video footage. Currently, highly accurate computer algorithms, monitoring tens or even hundreds of millions of video feeds, match patterns of facial geometry to identify individuals, even if beards or makeup are used. A criminal suspect shows his face on a public street, at a shopping mall, in a bank, or at a bus stop, and an alert can immediately go out to summon police for arrest.

Tellingly, the same system can be used against terrorists, political dissidents, union leaders, human rights protestors, members of the press, the poor, or ethnic minorities. As Paul Harvey used to say, you can run, but you can’t hide.

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Fluoride – Harmful Or Helpful?

A healthy and vibrant brain is your most valuable asset. Yes, strong and fit muscles are also important, but without a healthy brain, those muscles will be useless. Your central nervous system (CNS) is key since it controls everything in your body. I want to help you to live in wisdom and to protect your brain and health. Therefore, this article focuses mainly on the effects of fluoride on your CNS.

Many of us have been pre-programmed (brainwashed) by advertisements in the media that fluoride is excellent for dental health. I believe the opposite is true. On my journey to recovery from advanced Multiple Sclerosis (MS), I realised that it should brought to people’s attention, even though it is a controversial subject, so that they can make informed decisions.

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Fears and Questions Answered About The End Times

Most believers agree that we are living in the last days, but beyond that – there is great confusion about this important matter. Very little is preached about it from the pulpit. The confusion causes uncertainty about the future, lack of direction for the present circumstances, and much unfounded fear-filled speculation.
However, when I study the end time prophecies, they are mostly positive, and filled with faith-building hope. There certainly are warnings about persecution and a spiritual war with Babylon, an Antichrist system, and its cohorts. Nevertheless, the greatest part of the end time prophecies relates to the building of God’s Kingdom, God’s plan for and through Israel, the restoration of all things, the promised outpouring of His Holy Spirit in the last days, a great harvest that is coming, the sanctification of the Bride, the victory of good over evil, the resurrection of believers, and the glory that God has prepared for the overcomers. To read it is tremendously encouraging.

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