The Christmas Story Of A Homeless Family

Christmas is the story of a homeless couple and a homeless baby. When we strip away all the Christmas trees, festivity, and commercial activities, then a significant part of God coming to earth has to do with homelessness. We generally do not see homelessness as an important part of the Christmas story. Children’s pageants make a lot of there being no room in the inn, but the fact is that Mary and Joseph were homeless people when Jesus was born. Jesus was born into a world that actually did not care enough about a pregnant, homeless girl. Nothing much has changed.
During Jesus’ life on earth He said, “The Son of man has nowhere to lay His head.” – Luke 9:58. Jesus certainly never owned His own home. In many ways, He too was homeless, although for many periods of His life He did have places to stay. It’s often true for homeless people that for some periods of their lives they are homed, and for other periods they have no home.

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