Fears and Questions Answered About The End Times

Most believers agree that we are living in the last days, but beyond that – there is great confusion about this important matter. Very little is preached about it from the pulpit. The confusion causes uncertainty about the future, lack of direction for the present circumstances, and much unfounded fear-filled speculation.
However, when I study the end time prophecies, they are mostly positive, and filled with faith-building hope. There certainly are warnings about persecution and a spiritual war with Babylon, an Antichrist system, and its cohorts. Nevertheless, the greatest part of the end time prophecies relates to the building of God’s Kingdom, God’s plan for and through Israel, the restoration of all things, the promised outpouring of His Holy Spirit in the last days, a great harvest that is coming, the sanctification of the Bride, the victory of good over evil, the resurrection of believers, and the glory that God has prepared for the overcomers. To read it is tremendously encouraging.

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