Paying To Die – The Normalisation of Assisted Suicide

Around the world, the normalisation of euthanasia is a growing trend. Many Christians are split on their opinions of euthanasia, not sure whether to see it as an act of compassion, as the world lables it, or as an act of legalised murder, as it technically is. As with all things Biblical, God doesn’t look at legality – He looks at your heart.
Gaining popularity
In recent years, the topic of euthanasia has become more and more common in society. Compared to 10/20 years ago, where assisted suicide may rarely have been spoken about, today there are many “right to die” lobbyists who are campaigning for the right to choose whether or not they may live. This movement errs on similar boundaries and merits as the debate over abortion – is it your right to hold the power of life and death?

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