September 2011

Ps Harold and Maud Weitsz are anointed pastors who lead their church and the ministry with integrity and prophetic accuracy. Harold's teachings are deeply impactful and should be read and heard by as many people as possible. Our latest issue has an indepth interview with the couple.We also have many other exciting and interesting articles as well as details on our JOY! Valentine's Cruise for next year. Email for more info. or for our tour to Israel.
- Ps Harold and Maud Weitsz
- 9 Most Unique Churches
- Norway Shooting: The Untold Story
- The Comparison Trap
- Skeptics Answered: Whatever Happened to Sin?
- Unanswered Prayer
- My Encounter with Jesus on the Moon
- Grieving with Hope
- The ‘Lost’ Years of Jesus in India
- Living in the Fullness of God’s Faithfulness
- Wheels for the Word
- Adjusting to Menopause

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