November 2018

The November issue of JOY! is packed with articles and features for equipping, teaching, informing, and blessing our readers. This month we include an exclusive interview with John Bevere, as well as other articles that we know you will find interesting. Be sure to get your copy today!

Key Articles in this Issue:
• John Bevere – Preaching God’s Uncompromised Word
• Afrika Mhlophe – A Passion for Position
• Maurice & Anaïs Loois – A Fairytale Wedding
• Facing Obstacles That Seem Impossible? – Nico Bougas
• Irresponsible Journalism – Media Bias and the Gaza Riots
• The Church and the Jews – Forgotten History
• A Warning from the Bible – The Great Apostasy
• Governmental Use of Facial Recognition Software
• Paying to Die – The Normalisation of Assisted Suicide
• Saving Lives in Africa and Beyond – Food for the Hungry
• Spreading the Word in Zimbabwe and Mozambique
• The Symbolism of Rahab’s Scarlet Cord – Gerrie Bester
• Will You Enter Into Heaven? – Sermon
• Questions Answered About the End Times
• Making Disciples Through Training and Encouraging
• The Plight of our Christian Family in Nigeria
• Sowing Seeds of Faith in Africa
• Ask God for Big Things – it Brings Him Glory
• My Mistakes as a Father – Gerry Couchman
• Overcoming Unemployment – Testimony
• Fluoride – Harmful or Helpful?
• Following up After Gospel Crusades – CfaN
• Kingdom Prayer Life – Harold F. Weitsz
• The Value of Living by Faith– Andreas Kyriacou
• A Prayer for the Church in Mpumalanga – Gertrude Moyo
• Love is Who You Really Are – Jenny-May Hudson
• The Value of Gold and Silver – Zoltan Erdey
• The Importance of the Old Testament
• My Friend, the Holy Spirit – Siva Moodley
• FBN TV Guide
• Give Yourself to the Word – Andre & Jenny
• TBN TV Guide

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Articles From This Issue