November 2014

The November issue of JOY! is brim-full with articles and features for equipping, teaching, informing and blessing our readers. This month we include an article about two women who were imprisoned in Iran for their Faith. We also discuss the ongoing issue Israel has with Hamas and look further into the recent animal cruelty reports on local media. Below are other articles we know you will find interesting. Be sure to get your copy today!
• The JOY! Trip to Israel and Jordan
• Hamas vs Israel
• Corruption in Conservation and Cruelty to Animals
• Clash of World Ideas
• The Bible in a Nutshell: Jeremiah and Lamentations
• The Choice Part
• Information Overload: Studying the Bible Just Got Easier
• Why Do People Leave Church
• Role Models for a New Generation
• How to be and Effective team Player
• Should a Christian Consider Alternative Medicine?
• My Recovery From Open-Heart Surgery
• TWR Celebrating 40 Years of Speaking Hope to Africa

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