November 2013

The November Issue of JOY! is packed with features and articles geared for teaching, equipping, informing and blessing our readers. This issue includes an exclusive interview with Andrew Selley, who takes a stand for truth and religious freedom in South Africa. See the gripping titles below and make sure to get your copy!
- Battle For The Bible: Andrew Selley’s Stand For Truth
- Are You Somebody’s Thorn?
- Egyptian Christians Cry For Their Country
- Spanking: What The Bible Teaches
- The Bible In A Nutshell: 1 And 2 Kings
- Celebrating The Reformation
- What You Sow, You Reap...But Not Right Away
- Do You Care About The Church Next Door?
- Stop Compulsive Spending
- A Joshua For This Generation
- Knocked Down, But Not Out
- Undefeated Wheelchair Champions
- Pumpkin Ministries
- Living With Purpose
- Cornerstone Christian Institute
- Word Of Faith Bible Institute
- River Bible Institute
- Home Schooling Or Formal Schooling?
- Building For The Future: Nico Bougas
- Nurden Cross: Praise Builds Power And Strength
- International: Phil Wickham
- Local: The Family Secrets
- DVD Review: Revelation Road
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God bless!

Articles From This Issue