May 2018

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Oh how we all need wise counsel and direction from the Lord each day! Living in these times can be quite frustrating, scary, confusing, demanding, and uncertain. The Lord has commanded us to consider Him in all our ways and not to worry and fret - He loves us and will direct our footsteps. How comforting and reassuring.


- In The Middle Of The Mess With Sheila Walsh
- This Month In Christian History - William Carey
- Prayers for The Church In Cape Town
- JOY! Bible Fun - Word Search
- Musings & Reflections
- Love Israel, The Land & The People - Jews For Jesus
- The Prophetic Significance Of Prince William's Israel Visit
- Israel Celebrates 70th Year As Official State - ICEJ
- The Most Powerful Book In The World - Nico Bougas
- The Bible In A Nutshell - James
- Ignorance - The Root Of Socialism's Popularity
- My Best Friend, The Holy Spirit - Dr. Siva Moodley
- "Money Answers All Things" - Pearl Kupe
- The Link Between Evolutionism & Eastern Spirituality
- Words Of Wisdom From Godly Men
- Q & A With Lisa Bevere
- What Does Have To Say To Single Mothers?
- The Best Mothers' Day Gift For Your Wife - Rick Warren
- Humility In Marriage
- What Biblical Principles Should Apply To A Christian Wedding?
- Healthy Eating Is Easy!
- Sleep, The Immune System, & The Common Cold
- Christian Business Advice
- Stories Of Hope - The Warehouse Trust
- A Sect Turns To Christ - Powerful Testimony
- Supporting The Secret Church - Open Doors SA
- Radio Is Still King! - TWR
- South African Evangelists
- Welcome Home, Billy Graham - Nico Bougas
- Editor's Note - Never Stop Praying For Your Children
- Conquering A Crisis - Bishop Tshalo Katshunga
- Repositioning Your Heart - Andreas Kyriacou
- Lives That Bear Little Correlation To Our Faith - Tendai Chitsike
- A New Era - Harold F. Weitsz
- Prophets In The Bible - Marc Bredenkamp
- The Language Of God - André & Jenny Roebert

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