April 2018

Once again, Easter is almost upon us and we have the opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the most important event and holiest day on the Christian calendar. Jesus died for mankind's salvation and rose again! He overcame sin and death so that we may have eternal life through Him. What an awesome gift to us!

- Living Out A Deeper Christian Experience - A. W. Tozer
- Doing The Obvious - Nico Bougas
- This Month In Christian History - Saint Augustine
- A Prophetic Word For Cyril Ramaphosa - Marc Bredenkamp
- Prayers for The Church In KwaZulu-Natal
- JOY! Bible Fun - Word Search
- Musings & Reflections
- Christ In The Passover - Jews For Jesus
- The 5 Crowns Of The New Testament - Heavenly Rewards
- The Bible In A Nutshell - Hebrews Part ll
- Dr. Everett Worthington - The Science Of Forgiveness
- 2017 World Watch List - Open Doors
- Fearless Faith - Reinhard Bonnke
- The Biblical Requirements For Healing - Dr. Siva Moodley
- Women In The Marketplace - Pearl Kupe
- From Abuse To Hope - Testimony
- The Holy Spirit And Emotions - What You Need To Know
- Christian Business Advice
- How To Overcome Your Fear Of Witnessing
- Passive Faith Is Not True Faith - Rick Warren
- Why Don't We Listen In Marriage?
- Is The Divorce Rate Among Christians The Same As Non-Christians?
- Where Do Hot Cross Buns Come From?
- Stories Of Hope - LIV Village Testimony
- Comas & Unexplainable Healing - Reader's Testimony
- Friends Who Will Help You Through Your Single Years
- How Africans Taught Me To Be Thankful
- Editor's Note - Be Different From The World
- The Snare Of A Crisis - Bishop Tshalo Katshunga
- Enlarging Our Capacity Of Reception - Andreas Kyriacou
- Corruption Runs Deeper Than We Think- Tendai Chitsike
- Let's Pray - Harold F. Weitsz
- I Can Only Imagine - Movie Review
- How To Grow Your Faith - André & Jenny Roebert
- Strange Kingdom - Ken Costa's Latest Book
- Trending Books & Authors

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