Are You Scared of Evangelism?

Possible causes of fear in relation to witnessing include shyness, past or perceived rejection or humiliation, an inability to articulate our personal testimony, a lack of knowledge of Scripture, a failure to trust in the Lord, and an ignorance of why men reject the Gospel. Determining the actual cause of fear may be difficult, and understanding the reason may not dispel our fear. But we are commanded to be bold for Jesus (Ephesians 6:19), so we may simply have to persevere, one step at a time. In the meantime, we can apply some basic principles and sharpen our skills, since fear can be overcome by preparation (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

If we are not walking with Christ, we will not be able to witness for Christ effectively, so we certainly need to be living a consistent, Christian life. “Let your light shine before men” – Matthew 5:16. If at all possible, we should be attending a Bible-teaching church. Also, we can always improve our knowledge of Scripture, and we should study well the book of John.

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