You Can Overcome Cancer!

Cancer should not be viewed as a death sentence. It is a message from your body to you. It communicates that something you are doing (or not doing), is not conducive to your health.
You have to let go of entrenched eating and lifestyle habits. Commitment and sticking to it is key to you regaining your health. You will reap what you sow for good or for bad. The state of your emotions, attitude, and mind plays a big role. People with a positive mindset heal faster and have a higher rate of overall success. Remove emotional baggage and stressful situations. Stay spiritually strong. Appreciate your loved ones and friends. Be grateful and gracious.

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The Unfollowed Instruction Of Jesus

We enter the Kingdom of God by faith, like little children: helpless, unable to save ourselves, totally dependent on the mercy and grace of God. We enjoy the Kingdom by faith, believing that the Father loves us and will care for our daily needs What does a child do when he or she has a hurt or a problem? Take it to father and mother! What an example for us to follow in our relations with our Heavenly Father!

Don’t be childish
Those who come to Christ must do so in childlike humility, faith, and simplicity. Jesus wants us to be childlike, but not childish. An unspoilt child illustrates humility, faith and dependence. A child has a sense of wonder that makes life exciting. The only way to enter God’s Kingdom is to become like a child and be born again. As born-again children of God we are winners because God gives us the victory. We are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.

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Certain Types Of Christians Are At Risk, Are You?

Are you in one of the groups of Christians who will be quick to renounce Jesus? You might be shocked. Few can argue that we are experiencing a falling away right now. Many are surrendering wholehearted passion for Jesus for other more immediately satisfying, carnal pursuits. Our culture is growing darker by the day.

Embracing the beast
I’ve often wondered just how easy it will be to renounce Jesus when the pressure intensifies in the end times. After all, it’s easy for many to excuse apathy, carnality, prayerlessness, and other dangerous spiritual lifestyle choices. The ferocity of satan will be experienced at levels never before fathomed. I believe it will be the norm, not the exception, for Christians to embrace the beast.

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Are You An Unemployed Christian?

Being unemployed is about as fun as finding a scorpion in your shoe. There’s a feeling of entrapment, sometimes desperation, trying to find a way to earn a living. This article provides some tips on how to ‘overcome’ your circumstances whilst looking for a job and waiting for your situation to change. Work is a Biblical principle, so it’s not God’s desire for you to be without work.

1 – Let your emotions out
You are probably experiencing an emotional firestorm inside you, especially if you were retrenched or fired. It’s important to deal with these fears and not bottle up how you are feeling. Trying to handle it on your own is corrosive to your health and inevitably makes matters worse. Find a trusted friend, family member, or pastor to speak to and let your emotional woes out. It’s particularly important to confess if you feel depressed, angry, hurt, hopeless, or even suicidal.

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