5 Practical Habits Of Men In The Happiest Marriages

5 Practical Habits of Men in the Happiest Marriages:
Do you remember what it was like to go on your first dates? You probably put a lot of effort into making yourself as presentable as possible. Unfortunately, somewhere in the daily grind, men seem to lower their standards of physical presentation. It doesn’t have to be that way. I strongly recommend that you present your body to your wife as a reasonable service. Don’t brush this off like it doesn’t matter. 
I’ve seen an evil under the sun. A middle-aged man goes into a marriage crisis and finds himself alone. What does he do? He goes on a diet, updates his clothing, goes to the barber, joins a fitness centre, and gets a new car. Why? Because he is trying to reclaim his manhood. I recommend you do these things while you’re married.

How To Live A Christ-Centred Life

AChrist-centered (or Christocentric) life is one that is focused upon a commitment to Jesus Christ as
Lord. At the core of every human decision is a motivation. Some people are motivated by the quest for pleasure or money. Some centre their entire lives on a goal, a job, or even their families. These things are not wrong in themselves; however, that which we centre our lives on can become our god.
Humans were designed to worship
The human heart was designed for worship, and if it does not worship God, it will worship something else. If we are not Christ-centered, we will be centered on something else. Worship is measured by the amount of time, money, and emotional energy expended. Our gods can be identi ed by the level of passionate commitment they evoke in us, and, after a while, we begin to resemble them. We talk about them, think about them, dream about them, and scheme to spend more time with them. People who know us best usually know where our deepest passions lie because worship is hard to hide. Followers of Christ who centre their lives

on Him start to become more like Him. They talk about Him, think about Him, dream about Him, and scheme to spend more time with Him. They choose to obey His commands out of love and honour for their Lord, not from fear of being caught in sin. The greatest desire of Christ-centered believers is to please Him and grow to be more like Him.
Their lives echo Paul’s words in Philippians 3:10: “I want to know Christ – yes, to know the power of His resurrection and participation in His su erings, becoming like Him in His death.” The chief aim of a Christ-centered life is to glorify God. 

It Is Always Too Soon To Quit

One of the largest organisations in the world is the Quitter’s Club. The reason you’ve never heard of the Quitter’s Club is because they never meet – the members quit coming. There are no dues – the members quit paying them. The Quitter’s Club is comprised of people who faced a tough job, a tough marriage, a tough sickness, or a tough failure – and they quit. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. But the going gets tough, the quitters get going…away. What we need in this world and in the church are people who will exhibit good, old-fashioned grit and doggedness.
There have been many wonderfully talented people who have never risen above the level of mediocrity simply because they had quit and given up on their dreams 
 Years ago a certain Mr. Darby, a wealthy insurance broker, was caught up with gold fever and headed out to Colorado. He did some prospecting and discovered a very rich vein of gold in the Rockies. He returned to his home on the East Coast and convinced all his friends to invest their money in a mining venture. They formed a corporation, bought a great deal of equipment, and mined this very wealthy vein of gold ore in Colorado.
About the time that corporation paid off all its debts, the vein of gold ran out. The investors kept digging until they ran themselves into debt again. Finally, one day, a discouraged Mr. Darby ordered an end to the excavation. He closed the mine, went into Denver, and sold the mine and equipment to a junk dealer for a few hundred dollars. Mr. Darby headed home.
 The junk dealer hired a geologist to study the mine and the area. The geologist came back with a report: “If you dig three feet past the point where Mr. Darby quit, you’ll find the same vein of gold.” The junk dealer became the wealthiest mine owner in the state of Colorado. Just three more feet! I wonder how many times we too, stop three feet short of victory?