Vaccination – Make An Informed Church

Take note that the human race and all the species on our planet survived for thousands of years without any vaccinations. But why? The Bible tells “And God saw everything that He had made, and, behold, it was very good.” – Gen 1:31.
God designed us with a very complex, capable, and sophisticated immune system. I believe our creator God made the immune system perfectly. It is strong enough to protect and empower us to live a quality life without disease. In parallel, God designed the perfect food chain before He created us. This original food chain had all the qualities and nutrients to support a healthy and strong immune system. This is why we have survived to date on our planet.

What we as the human race recently discovered (over the last approximately 150 years), is the fact that there are certain nutrients that are so vitally important for the immune system to function properly. For example, think of Vitamin C. We all know that this is the first of thousands of nutrients that supports a strong and healthy immune system. Without Vit C, the body degenerates in many ways; scurvy, chronic infections, low immunity, and many more. However, if we just observe this one nutrient, it becomes clear that it is one of the many that is not present in our modern/convenient quick-fix, boxed, canned, refined, and processed packed diet. We, as humans on top of the food chain, attempted to re-engineer our food chain, but in the process, because of our limitations, have rendered our “new foods” to be nutrient deficient and stripped of vitally important nutrients – but if that is not stupid enough, our modern foods are also loaded with chemical preservatives and other nasty unnatural substances. This is exactly why we are in trouble against viruses with low immunity.