September 2023

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Explore a world of faith and family values in the latest JOY! Magazine. The cover story showcases the remarkable journey of Neil and Tanya Powell, highlighting their unwavering faith and the pivotal role of family. Dive into engaging features as Duane Vermeulen shares the power of God's voice, while an infographic equips you with the Armour of God. Discover responses of love to hate and uncover the impact of modern idolatry and manmade traditions on God's Word.

Explore how to keep your focus on heaven and stand with the next generation. Engage in Bible studies on miraculous transformations and gain a Christian perspective on modern technology.

Engage with inspiring missions and testimonies. Immerse yourself in thought-provoking columns, including safeguarding faith, environmental protection, and the power of forgiveness.

Don't miss the September issue of JOY! Magazine, your guide to embracing faith, family, and genuine inspiration. Grab your copy and embark on a journey of spiritual growth and discovery!

Cover Story:
– Faith, Family, And Sport: Neil & Tanya Powell

– Who’s In The News
– General Christian News And Updates
– Time 2 Rise SA – Uniting For Change
– Lessons From The Bela Bill Public Hearing

Feature Stories:
– God’s Voice In My Life: Duane Vermeulen
– The Armour Of God: Infographic
– Agape Love In Response To Hate: Sermon
– Modern Forms Of Idolatry
– Making The Word Of God Ineffective Through Manmade Traditions
– Living With Eyes Fixed On Heaven
– Standing In The Gap For Gen Z
– Water Into Wine: A Bible Study
– AR, VR, & The Metaverse: A Christian Perspective
– Family Time With God: Creative Activities

Authentic Christianity:
– Integrating Biblical Principles Into Education
– Authentic Families Aren’t Perfect!
– The Call To Biblical Citizenship

Missions & Testimonies:
– ‘I Know It Was You Lord’ – Reader Testimony
– Through Tears & Triumphs: A Family’s Miraculous Testimony Of Faith
– Peace In The Chaos: The Story Of Phinius
– Faith Under Surveillance In China
– Inside Feba’s Mission To Reach North Korea

– Letters To The Editor
– Bible Fun: Quiz, Crossword, Word Search, & Colouring In
– Ask Val – Biblical Answers To Tough Questions
– Did You Know? Fun Biblical Facts
– Characters Of The Bible: Isaiah
– Studying The Parables Of Jesus: The Wise And Foolish Virgins
– Salvation Prayer

– Editor’s Note – Safeguarding Our Faith In Morally Bankrupt Times
– A Devoted Citizen Protects The Environment
– A New Day Of Pentecost: A Need For Fellowship
– Forgiveness: The Key To Experiencing The Fullness Of God
– The Power Of Forgiveness
– Do You Feel Guilty When You Aren’t Stressed?
– 3 Points To Ponder On Hope

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