October 2023

The October issue of JOY! Magazine is now on sale

Prepare to be captivated by the October issue of JOY! Magazine, overflowing with faith-filled content, powerful testimonies, and thought-provoking ethical explorations. Our cover story showcases JP Duminy, a cricket legend whose name resonates with excellence. Beyond his sporting prowess, Duminy shares his remarkable journey of faith and commitment to serving others.

Explore the ethical considerations surrounding biotechnology and genetic engineering. Delve into the profound questions these advancements pose to our faith and understanding of God's creation. Uncover the significance of the two trees in the Garden of Eden and their role in preserving human free will. Discover the keys to a healthy relationship with 10 essential principles that emphasise the value of genuine connection. Explore more gripping articles, including lessons from the Bela Bill Public Hearing, biblical patterns for selecting leaders, and the transformative power of God's grace in defying medical predictions. Immerse yourself in our thought-provoking columns, including an editor's note on the unchanging nature of God and reflections on cultivating gratitude.

Don't miss the October issue of JOY! Magazine, a captivating blend of faith, cricketing excellence, and ethical exploration. Grab your copy and embark on a journey of spiritual growth and discovery!

Articles in this issue:

Cover Story:
– JP Duminy: A Faith-Fuelled Cricket Journey

– Who’s In The News
– General Christian News And Updates
– Lessons From The Bela Bill Public Hearing

Feature Stories:
– Biblical Pattern For Selecting Leaders
– Born Again: You Are More Than You Think!
– Why Were Only Two Trees Mentioned In The Garden Of Eden?
– Our Covenant-Keeping God
– God Uses Imperfect People
– Confidence Over Cockiness In Your Children
– Gen Z Is Standing Up For Jesus
– 10 Principles For A Healthy Relationship
– What To Say Instead Of ‘It’s Okay!’
– What Is Life Coaching?
– Exploring The Ethics Of Biotechnology And Genetic Engineering
– Man’s Best Friend Can Also Benefit From Oxygen Products
– Light And Dark In The Bible: Infographic

Authentic Christianity:
– Addressing Education In South Africa
– The Inside-Out Approach To Governance
– Effective Accountability
– Encouraging Family Fun And Humour

Missions & Testimonies:
– ‘I Know It Was You Lord’ – Reader Testimony
– Defying Medical Predictions With God’s Grace
– Transforming Pain Into Purpose
– School Of Evangelism Launches In Gauteng

– Letters To The Editor
– Bible Fun: Quiz, Crossword, Word Search, & Colouring In
– Did You Know? Fun Biblical Facts
– Ask Val – Biblical Answers To Tough Questions
– Characters Of The Bible: Jeremiah
– Studying The Parables Of Jesus: The Pharisee & Tax Collector
– Salvation Prayer

– Editor’s Note – God Never Changes!
– Cremora Christianity
– 3 Points To Ponder On Cultivating Gratitude
– The Power Of Community
– A Devoted Citizen Protects The Vulnerable
– A New Day Of Pentecost: Breaking Bread
– It’s Time To Go!

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Articles From This Issue