September 2017

Wow! Can you believe that it is already September? This month we have featured some extremely powerful articles, all JAM-PACKED into our first ever 132 page issue! Spoil your friends and family with a copy for only R32.90! 
This month we have featured:
- Louie Giglio - Goliath Must Fall
- Siva Moodley - Hope And Healing In Christ
- Todd White - Working Wonders Through Faith
- Why Every Christian Should Visit Israel
- The Amazing Camel And Its Creator
- CLF - From Then To Now
- Having Certainty In Uncertain Times - INcontext Ministries
- Bibles 4 Believers - Planting Churches Daily
- Persecution On The Rise In India - Open Doors
- Global Warming - Is It Biblical?
- Population Control Hysteria - Errol Naidoo
- The Bible In A Nutshell - Colossians
- A Tale Of Three Cities - Sermon
- Why David's Worship Moved God's Heart
- What Does The Bible Say About Faith?
- From Tragedy To Triumph - FEBA Radio
- "I Don't Have Enough Talent" - The Sedative Of Excuses Words Of Wisdom From Spiritual Men
- Pulpits 4 Africa
- JOY! Business Advice
- Pearl Kupe - Global Influencer For God
- Dynamic Vision - Making Teams Great Again
- What The Church Gets Wrong About Singleness And Marriage
- A Place of Comfort -Marriage Advice
- Women of Grace
- A Journey To A Calling - Biblical Counselling
- South African Evangelists
- JOY Word Search
- Unity, Not Uniformity -TBN
- The Cost Of Discipleship - The Standard 
- Till Death Do Us Part - Nico Bougas

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