Global Warming – Is It Biblical?

According to a 2016 Barna Group survey, nearly twice as many American teens and young adults believe not recycling is a greater evil than viewing pornography. Environmental ethics is all the rage these days. Companies that don’t “go green” are frowned upon or boycotted. For the past decade, we have had a steady stream of global warming mania drummed into our heads. According to a recent American presidential candidate, climate change is “the single greatest threat facing our planet.” How should Christians view global warming/climate change?
A proper view of science
Roughly seventy years ago, the reigning scientific consensus was that the universe was infinite. This belief, held for hundreds of years, was denied by Christians who knew that it could not be infinite because God created it. Scientists ridiculed Christians as ignorant and uneducated. Now scientists believe it began with the Big Bang.
Roughly 500 years ago, the reigning scientific consensus was that the sun revolved around the earth. Anybody who disagreed with that worldview was castigated and condemned. Now we know the solar system is heliocentric.

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