October 2022

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Expect to be blown away with this exciting issue of JOY! Magazine! Featuring a cover story on Dr Arthur Frost, leader of South Africa’s first digital church, this issue is overflowing with relevant, topical, and informative stories. Notable features that we have covered include an eye-opening experience with teen depression, an encouraging sermon on the power of gratitude, and an emotional testimony from a former prostitute. As always, we also include news, teachings, devotions, interviews, testimonies, and more. We focus on real life, real people, and real Christianity. Don’t miss out on this powerful issue which is on sale now in leading supermarkets nationwide!

– “Lord Heal Our Nation” – Dr Arthur Frost

– Who’s In The News
– General Christian News And Updates

– The Purpose Of Pain
– A Worldwide Pandemic Of Teen Depression
– 3 Dangers Of TikTok
– Paying Attention To God In An Age Of Constant Distraction
– Are All Christians Hypocrites?
– Why Are Christians So Judgemental?
– Is It Wrong To Do Charitable Giving For Tax Deduction Purposes?
– 5 Of The Most Important Questions In The Bible
– God’s Gift Of Rest

– ‘I Know It Was You Lord’ – Reader Testimony
– God’s Love Changes Even The Hardest Heart
– ‘The Day I Met God’
– Finding Christ After The 9/11 Tragedy
– I Traded My Body For Money
– Stories Of Hope – Mergon Foundation
– Serving The Disabled In Madagascar
– The Gospel Prevails In War-Torn Mali
– Trauma Care Projects Bring Healing In Iraq
– Blinded By Gunfire, Healed By Jesus

– Editor’s Note – The Bible Is Not Open To Personal Interpretation
– 3 Points To Ponder On Lukewarm Faith
– Check Your Heart
– A Devoted Citizen Votes Responsibly
– The Litmus Test For Any Democracy
– What ‘Your Truth’ Does To Your Church Attendance
– False Perceptions Of A Successful Church
– The Importance Of Women In Times Of Revival
– Wars & Rumours Of Wars
– Prophetic Voice: A Season Of New Vision
– The Fatherhood Connection
– What It Means To Walk In Dominion

– Letters To The Editor
– Commentary Of Matthew 5:13
– Ask Val – Biblical Answers To Tough Questions
– Salvation Prayer
– Bible Fun: Quiz, Crossword, And Word Search
– Did You Know? Fun Bible Facts
– Getting To Know God: The Perfect God Of Peace
– Characters Of The Bible: Samson
– The Amazing Power Of Gratitude – Chip Ingram

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