November 2022

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This November issue of JOY! Magazine is bursting at the seams with life-changing content. We feature a cover story on Michael and Lynn Swain – a Godly couple with an incredibly moving testimony of God’s restorative power in their lives. Their story will leave you encouraged and inspired. Other interesting articles in this issue include a feature on unbiblical doctrines that have snuck their way into the church, an uplifting sermon on ‘bouncing back’ from failure, a testimony of a Type 1 diabetic who is living his life without limits, a feature with Angus Buchan reflecting on the recent ‘Speak Jesus’ event, and so much more! As always, we also include news, teachings, devotions, interviews, testimonies, and more. We focus on real life, real people, and real Christianity. Don’t miss out on this powerful issue which is on sale now in leading supermarkets nationwide!

– Michael & Lynn Swain: A Power Couple For Christ

– Who’s In The News
– Angus Buchan Reflects On ‘Speak Jesus’
– General Christian News And Updates
– “Migrant Religious Workers Will No Longer Get Work Permits”

– 7 Steps To Curb Premature Aging
– Parental Rights Vs Secular Paganism
– Testimonies & Feedback From JOY! Travellers
– 7 Quirky ‘Doctrines’ Debunked
– 10 Jewish Biblical Facts That Hardly Any Christians Know…
– Why Is Life So Hard?
– Bouncing Back From Failure
– How To Build A Vision Of Work – Chip Ingram
– Tips For The Unemployed Christian
– Helping Believers Draft Kingdom-Focused Business Plans
– A Call To Courageous Leadership: Africa Economic Summit

– ‘I Know It Was You Lord’ – Reader Testimony
– CfaN’s First School Of Evangelism
– Living A Full Life With Type 1 Diabetes
– The Transformative Power Of Jesus’ Blood
– A Peaceful Christmas For A Little Girl In Iraq

– Editor’s Note – Cast Your Burdens On The Lord
– We Have Hope!
– A Biblical View Of History Must Be Restored
– Understanding The Assignment From God
– A Devoted Citizen Cares For People
– First Rate Citizens In A Second Rate World
– 3 Points To Ponder On Strengthening Your Spirit Man
– The Power Of The Altar
– Prophetic Letter: Help Is On The Way!

– Letters To The Editor
– Salvation Prayer
– Bible Fun: Quiz, Crossword, And Word Search
– Did You Know? Fun Bible Facts
– Commentary Of Matthew 5:14
– Ask Val – Biblical Answers To Tough Questions
– Getting To Know God: God Is Love
– Characters Of The Bible: Gideon
– False Perceptions Of A Successful Church

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