November 2019

The November Issue of JOY! is packed with features and articles geared for teaching, equipping, informing, and blessing our readers. We have an exclusive interview with missionary and evangelist Heidi Baker, which is guaranteed to inspire you. See the gripping titles below and make sure to get your copy!

Key articles in this issue:

Heidi Baker: A Life Of Surrender
Choosing Hospitality Instead Of Xenophobia
The Climate Change Movement: Trojan Horse For Socialism
Restore The Family To Stop Crime, Violence, & Sexual Abuse In SA
Cape Town’s Biggest Evangelism Outreach Ever!
How Can I Evangelise My Friends & Family Without Pushing Them Away?
The Task Of Reconverting The West
A Burden On The Heart Of The Believer – Amir Tsarfati
Exposed: The Enemy’s Plan To Brainwash Christians
Worship God, Not Your Ancestors!
How To Recognise False Prophets
Why Did God Make Mosquitoes?
The Remarkable Language Of DNA – Creation Ministries
Surviving Your Wilderness – Daniel Kolenda
The Top 10 Things That Couples Fight About
What Should Be The Order Of Priorities In Our Family?
Why Does God Allow Sickness?
Bethlehem School Provides Refuge For Christian Children – Barnabas Fund
Former Rapper Finds Purpose In Jesus And Coffee – Open Doors SA
Impacting One Young Girl At A Time In Zambia – Stories Of Hope
Radio Ministry Transforms Lives In Mongolia – FEBA
Hijacked: God Saved My Life!
Editor’s Note: The Bible Doesn’t Suggest We Attend Church, It Instructs Us!
Prayer Supported By Faith – Harold F. Weitsz
Forgetting The Past And Looking Forward – Nico Bougas
South African Evangelists
Women Of Grace
The Spiritual VS The Natural – Andreas Kyriacou
Many Need Practical Solutions – Robbie Cairncross
Church Leaders, We Are Believers Too! – Tendai Chitsike
Letters To The Editor
JOY! Bible Fun – Wordsearch
Is Your Identity In Jesus? – Jews For Jesus
Characters Of The Bible: Paul’s Ministry Companions
A Scriptural Study Of Isaiah 6 – Gerrie Bester
Proverbs – Insights For Every Aspect of Life
How To Have Great Faith – Siva Moodley
The Journey Of A Christian – Nico Bougas
Ask Val – Biblical Answers To Tough Questions
5 Steps To Becoming A Great Leader – Gerry & Janine Couchman
FBN TV Guide
Why Doesn’t My Faith Work? – Andre & Jenny Roebert
The Home Of Gospel Music In South Africa: ONE Gospel TV

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