May 2010

May is the month of Mother's and to celebrate the role that women and particularly mom's play, we have compiled a magazine full of wholesome, challenging, inspiring and interesting articles for the whole family. If you are looking for a fantastic gift for your mom or granny, why not give a JOY! Subscription? It is the perfect gift for someone far away, and it's the gift that keeps on giving...because every month they get a reminder of you!
If you subscribe this month you will get a FREE DVD and the May issue which features:
- Kathy Troccoli: Singing For The King
- Getting Back To Classic Christianity
- Why Does God Allow Pain?
- The Work of Angels With Unbelievers
- Moralism Is Not The Gospel
- A Biblical Renaissance in Art
- The Law of God and The Gospel of Christ
- Church! Don't Fornicate With The World
- Living With Multiple Sclerosis
- Defending The Fatherless
- Great Tips For Christian Speakers
- Are Your Guilty of Self-Righteousness?
- A Mother's Hope: Interview With Francine Rivers
- Religion VS Relationship
- Are You Prepared? Ministries Getting Ready for World Cup 2010
- I Have A Dominant Fear...Now What?

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Articles From This Issue