June 2007

There is nothing better than Christian role models living flat out for God - free of controversy and celebrity pride. American Superbowl hero Tony Dungy is just that- and our cover story this month, perfectly in time for Father's Day!KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:
- Tony Dungy - God's Superbowl Hero
- The Marketing of Evil
- The Responsibility of Branding Yourself
- Are We Rushing to Armegeddon
- Failing to Do Good
- Teenagers, Why Do They Do It?
- Dressing Like a Believer
- Lawlessness - The Sudan Red Dye Blame Game
- As go the Schools - So go the Nation
- Cooking with Joy
- Lessons I have learnt From my Child
- Evangelise! Perservere!
- The Value of Memorising Scripture
- Knowing the Difference, Makes All the Difference
- Every Home for Christ
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