July 2017 Issue

Our August issue of JOY celebrates a new season, as we embrace change in this nation. This month we celebrate wisdom and mentorship, Find countless articles here that will build into your life as your grow in the Lord.  
Key articles in this issue:

– Jimmy Crompton Feature

– Tshalo Katshunga – From Congo To Cape Town

– In God’s Time – Devotion

– JOY Bible Fun – Word Search

– Humour And Fun Thoughts

– JOY Travel Europe Cruise Feedback

– “Kim’s Story Is Also Our Story” – FEBA

– Traumatised Victims Find Refuge In God – Open Doors

– The Difference Between Religion And The Gospel

– Overcoming Criticism – Nico Bougas

– The Sedative Of Excuses –Daniel Kolenda

– The Bible In A Nutshell – Ephesians

– The African Study Bible

– Wisdom Is The Secret Of Life – Mike Murdock

– How Can I Tap Into The Wisdom Of The Lord?

– God Is Raising Up Modern Day Luthers

– 10 Qualities Of Healthy Mentors 

– JOY Business Advice

– Words Of Wisdom

– South African Evangelist Directory

– Become A Volunteer With Child Evangelism Fellowship

– Help CLF Distribute One Million Bibles

– Women Of Grace

– Competent And Responsible Biblical Counsel

– The Dangers Of Technology In Your Marriage – Gretha Wiid

– How To Communicate Your Needs In Your Marriage

– Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe

– The Standard: The Missing Ingredient – Andreas Kyriacou

– The Garden Of Our Hearts

– Interview With Sipho Mseleku