August 2022

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As this year seems to rush past, we rest and take comfort in the Lord’s goodness and His provision. In this stunning issue of JOY! Magazine we feature an exclusive interview with Chris and Phindi Mathebula, pastors and founders of Hope Restoration Ministries. Their testimony of hope and passion will inspire you and leave you motivated to help others. Other notable features in this issue include prophetic news, sound biblical teaching, and testimonies that will lift your spirit. Don’t miss out on this August issue of JOY! Magazine.

Chris & Phindi Mathebula: Restoring Hope

Who’s In The News
General Christian News And Updates
Israel Becomes A Gas Supplier To Europe
Good News On Government Marriage Policy

5 Dangers of Doing Everything For Your Child
Does Google Know You Better Than Jesus?
The Trojan Horse Of Modern Technology
Patriarchy & Feminism: Enemies Of God’s Kingdom
Are Your Spiritual Eyes Open?
Organ Donation: What Does The Bible Say?
Should Christians Donate Blood?

Celebrating The Strength & Resilience Of My Mother
‘The Flames Will Not Set You Ablaze!’
Young Evangelists Are Answering The Call
The Privilege Of Witnessing Miracles
A Glimmer Of Hope Despite Persecution

Editor’s Note – The Importance Of Evangelism
Uprooting Superficiality From The Church
Gentleness Is Strength
Living In Perilous Times
Change Is Coming To Your Life, Just Believe It
We Are Unique
False Perceptions Of A Successful Church
3 Points To Ponder On Jonah
Prophetic Dream: Battle Ready
Discovering God In Kyrgyzstan

Salvation Prayer
Letters To The Editor
Did You Know? Fun Bible Facts
Bible Fun: Quiz, Crossword, And Word Search
Commentary Of Matthew 28:20
Ask Val – Biblical Answers To Tough Questions
Characters Of The Bible: Ezra
Getting To Know God: The Names of God
Mind Matters – Chip Ingram
Who Is Your Gatekeeper? – Gerrie Bester
A Devoted Citizen Protects The Vulnerable

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