April 2024

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Step into the vibrancy of faith with the April issue of JOY! Magazine, where we celebrate the heartbeat of Christianity – the resurrection of Jesus. Our cover sermon, "Jesus Is Alive!" echoes the transformative power of the resurrection, the cornerstone around which the early Church was built. Discover the profound impact of this historic event and its enduring significance.

In this jam-packed issue, journey with us through captivating feature stories, including a new series, Christianity around the world, where this month we explore the unique landscape of faith in Japan. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of "Catechisms for teaching God’s Word," and delve into the intriguing world of jellyfish as we marvel at how God’s wonders defy evolution’s theories.

Experience the joy of authentic Christian living with testimonies such as a miraculous healing journey: Suddenly Paralysed, but God! Engage with thought-provoking content on contemporary issues, from God's judgement signs to current events, including the corruption crisis in the ANC and reflections on the concept of impeachment.

Indulge in our regular features, from biblical quizzes and crosswords to exploring the lives of Bible characters like Judas. Seek answers to tough questions with "Ask Val," and find inspiration in the biblical columns that offer insights into living purposefully.

Immerse yourself in the diverse articles, missions, testimonies, and columns that await you in the April issue. Pick up your copy of JOY! Magazine today, available at leading supermarkets nationwide!

Articles in this issue:

Cover Story:
– Easter Sermon: Jesus Is Alive!

– Who’s In The News
– General News & Updates
– God’s Judgement: Is The Lord Giving Signs?
– Suspended From NWU Due To Christian Beliefs
– Corruption Crisis: ANC’s Deceptive Tactics
– Impeachment: Accountability & The Rule Of Law

Feature Stories:
– Christianity Around The World: Japan
– The River Of Life
– Catechisms For Teaching God’s Word
– Fatherhood Above The Sun: Book Review
– Ignorance Of Jews & Church History
– AEE: Helping Students Become Independent Learners
– Know The Signs: Spotting Human Trafficking
– God Appointments: Missionary Stories And Meditations
– Creation: 7 Days Of God’s Work
– Jellyfish: God’s Wonders Defy Evolution’s Theories

– Letters To The Editor
– Bible Fun: Quiz, Crossword, Word Search, & Colouring In
– Did You Know? Fun Biblical Facts
– Ask Val – Biblical Answers To Tough Questions
– Salvation Prayer
– Studying The Parables Of Jesus
– Characters Of The Bible: Judas

Missions & Testimonies:
– ‘I Know It Was You Lord’ – Reader Testimony
– An Easter Miracle: Suddenly Paralysed, But God...
– A Life Restored In Christ
– CfaN celebrates 50 Years Of Sharing The Gospel
– Fleeing From Deadly Mobs In Night Of Horror
– Indonesia’s Most Influential Christian Radio Station!
– Improve Your Blood Circulation

– Editor’s Note – Striving For Excellence: A Call To Embrace Purposeful Living
– Power Of Gratitude: Challenge
– A False Perception Of Salvation
– A ‘New Normal’ In Christ
– Pastor Appreciation
– 3 Points To Ponder On Choices
– A Devoted Citizen Embraces Change

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