Jellyfish: God’s wonders defy evolution’s theories

God’s creation never ceases to amaze us, and jellyfish truly are an enigma. They have no heart, bones, eyes, or even a brain – and yet are very efficient predators. This seemingly innocuous gelatinous blob is able to stun and kill its prey with stinging cells that each contain a tiny harpoon which, when triggered by touch or movement, shoots into the prey and delivers the toxin.

Each of the jellyfish’s special features – from the sacs that keep it swimming upright, to the sensory organs that alert it to passing prey and the nematocysts, critical for stunning or killing that prey – is vital for its survival. So, logically, any phase that did not have these features fully developed would have led to extinction fairly quickly. The only alternative, then, is that jellyfish have always been jellyfish. Created so by God from the beginning…

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