April 2017

Easter is a time that we worship and adore Christ for His sacrifice on the Cross - His death that bought us eternal life. It is a time that we commit ourselves to His service, and that we spread the Gospel of Good News. Draw near to the Saviour and prepare to celebrate the greatest miracle ever conceived this Easter...
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Major Change Prophesied Over South Africa
Xenophobia In South Africa
The 10 Worst Countries Of Christian Persecution
How Should Christians View Refugees?
The Bible In A Nutshell – 1 Corinthians II
The Pathway Of Adversity
What Is The Meaning Of Life?
Can I Sin And Convert On My Deathbed?
Are Gospel Crusades Biblical Methods Of Evangelism?
How Can I Become More Motivated For Soul Winning?
Methods Of Child Evangelism
Is Donald Trump A Modern Day Cyrus?
Time Management
Business Advice
Words Of Wisdom
From Drunk To Devoted – A Powerful Testimony
Stay The Path – Bobbie Houston
Women Of Grace
Testimony Of Barbie Erasmus
Water And Fertilise The Right Fruit In Your Marriage
The Five Love Languages
Four Steps To Improve Your Marriage
10 Ways To Get Your Kids To Respect You
Suicide Crisis – Our Youth Are Under Pressure!
Affordable Healthy Living
Preach Christ – John Gray

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