Todd White – Working Wonders Through Faith

Todd White is a former atheist and drug addict whose life was radically transformed through a powerful encounter with the Lord. He is now a dedicated street evangelist who tours around the world, allowing the Holy Spirit to use him to bring healing and restoration in the Name of Jesus.
Todd’s testimony is one of drugs, atheism, and deception. At the age of 22 years, Todd became suicidal. It was at this point that God came into his life and set him free. His testimony is a beautiful story of the transformational power of Jesus, as Todd’s life now is completely and utterly devoted to the Lord’s work; making Him known and preaching on the importance of being born again in the Kingdom. 
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Winning The Battle Against Your Giants – Louie Giglio

Plenty of us face a similar predicament every day—although we’re not fighting literal giants, we’re facing some sort of insurmountable challenge or problem that rips into our lives. Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s an addiction. Maybe it’s anger. Maybe it’s the feeling of rejection, a feeling that permeates so many areas of life. Maybe it’s the sneaky giant of complacency. Have you ever felt like King Saul and the Israelite army did? Some kind of giant stands before you, taunting you, harassing you, insulting you. Day after day this giant robs you of your power. You’ve tried any number of approaches to stop the taunts, but you feel immobilised. Held back. Slowed or stopped from moving forward in a healthy way. Ultimately, you know you’re not living the kind of life you want to live. 
Our first response is often a quick “no.” “I don’t have any Goliaths in my life. I’m in my lane, doing my thing. Living my life.” Some of you would say the opposite, you know you have a giant staring you down and you want to know how to defeat it. Yet it’s likely all of us have something lurking nearby that’s stealing our joy. A habit, or a memory, or a way of thinking that we’ve grown accustomed to. It doesn’t have to be alcoholism or anorexia or depression. Giants come in all shapes and sizes, some subtle and others stark. The good news is it’s not God’s plan for you to live with anything standing in the middle of your life, demoralising you, day by day by day. These giants harm you and rob God of His glory in your life. God wants you to live free. God wants your giants to fall. He wants you to live without the chains that bind you, unfettered from beliefs that limit you. And you can! No matter how many times you’ve tried before or how loud the voice is that says you’ll never be different than you are, God says something else today; you can live free!

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Global Warming – Is It Biblical?

According to a 2016 Barna Group survey, nearly twice as many American teens and young adults believe not recycling is a greater evil than viewing pornography. Environmental ethics is all the rage these days. Companies that don’t “go green” are frowned upon or boycotted. For the past decade, we have had a steady stream of global warming mania drummed into our heads. According to a recent American presidential candidate, climate change is “the single greatest threat facing our planet.” How should Christians view global warming/climate change?
A proper view of science
Roughly seventy years ago, the reigning scientific consensus was that the universe was infinite. This belief, held for hundreds of years, was denied by Christians who knew that it could not be infinite because God created it. Scientists ridiculed Christians as ignorant and uneducated. Now scientists believe it began with the Big Bang.
Roughly 500 years ago, the reigning scientific consensus was that the sun revolved around the earth. Anybody who disagreed with that worldview was castigated and condemned. Now we know the solar system is heliocentric.

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