Tim Tebow and Demi-Leigh

There is an age-old adage that says good things come to those who wait, which is certainly the case for US former football hero Tim Tebow and his beautiful South African fianceé, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. Apart from being the world’s best looking couple, they are two celebrities who are rooted in something much deeper than fame or fortune – their unwavering faith in Christ.
Tebow has now proposed to the love of his life, our very own South African former Miss Universe 2017. It’s inspiring to see two young people who love God and are making a difference in all they do.
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The Impact of Facial Recognition Techonology on Missions

Since the earliest days after Jesus ascended into Heaven, true followers have been obedient to His commands concerning taking the Gospel to all nations, peoples, and tribes. Missionaries have gone; knowing full well that they would not always be welcome, that they could face persecution, and that their lives were at risk.
In many cases they would be breaking the law. Millions of believers have risked the dangers associated with proclaiming salvation through Christ alone. They have broken the law merely by believing in Christ. Many have been imprisoned, tortured, and killed. This has never stopped the spreading of the Gospel.
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Loyiso Bala talks Faith, Family, and Future

Known as one of South Africa’s most talented and most influential musicians, Loyiso Bala continues to shine God’s glory and bring honour to our King as he excels in the destiny that God has laid out for him.
All too often we hear stories of Gospel artists who have risen to fame and have very quickly lost sight of their God-given identity; yet when it comes to Loyiso – he is admired by fans all over the world as he continues to share God’s love in humility, which he attributes as the key to Godly success. He is a motivated, driven, and passionate musician, who also wears the title of husband, father, businessman, and as of January – the Channel Director of TBN in Africa. It is easy to see God’s favour on his life.
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Andy Stanley, Can You Love Jesus and Reject His Word?

Andy Stanley, pastor of Atlanta’s North Point Community Church which averages 36 000 people per week across 6 campuses, recently presented a 3-part series of messages in which he taught that Christians should not ask ‘What does the Bible say?’ but ‘What does the New Testament say?’ or ‘What does Jesus say?’, and that we should not look to the Old Testament for Christian norms.
An instinctive reaction might be to simply label Stanley as a dangerous false teacher. But to be able to respond graciously and effectively, it’s helpful to try to understand his motivation, and show that a stance that honours the entirety of God’s Word answers his concerns more effectively than his proposal, which actually has been shown to empty the churches faster, rather than stem the tide of youth exiting the church.
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