Why Babel Matters Today: Fighting Prejudice & Racism

At the time of the Tower of Babel, all the people in the world lived in one place. Because they were all together, they all spoke the same language, practiced the same culture, and contained a vast gene pool that kept them all looking very different – even though they all lived in one place. For instance, a mother and father could have had four (and more) children that looked nothing alike! But the people of Babel had disobeyed God by staying in one place, for He had told them go forth and inhabit the earth. Because they disobeyed Him, God confused their languages. Changing the languages forced the people to separate and inhabit different parts of the world.

Because the people at Babel were separated into smaller groups, their gene pool was also significantly limited. As a result, certain dominant characteristics developed in each people group. Over time, humans started believing that some people groups are better than others. This belief is racism, and it is sinful…

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