What is the Illuminati Conspiracy

If one were to attempt to summarise the Illuminati conspiracy, it would read as follows: The Illuminati began as a secret society, later a council of five men, one for each of the points on the pentagram, formed what was called ‘The Ancient and Illuminated Seers of Bavaria.’

Who makes up the Illuminati?
They were high order Luciferian Freemasons, thoroughly immersed in mysticism and Eastern mental disciplines, seeking to develop the super powers of the mind. Their alleged plan and purpose is world domination for their lord (who precisely this lord is varies widely).
The Illuminati are alleged to be the primary motivational forces encouraging global governance, a one-world religious ethic, and centralised control of the world’s economic systems.
Organisations such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the [World Council of Churches] are seen as tentacles of the Illuminati.
According to the Illuminati conspiracy, the Illuminati are the driving force behind efforts to brainwash the gullible masses through thought control and manipulation of beliefs, through Hollywood, the press, the educational curriculum, and the political leadership of the nations.

What is their purpose?
The Illuminati supposedly have a private board of elite, interlocking delegates who control the world’s major banks. They create inflations, recessions and depressions and manipulate the world markets, supporting certain leaders and coups and undermining others to achieve their overall goals.
The supposed goal behind the Illuminati conspiracy is to create and then manage crises that will eventually convince the masses that globalism, with its centralised economic control and one-world religious ethic, is the necessary solution to the world’s woes. This structure, usually known as the ‘New World Order’, will, of course, be ruled by the Illuminati.

What does the Bible say?
Does the Illuminati conspiracy have any basis from a Christian/Biblical perspective? Perhaps. There are many [warnings and] prophecies in the Bible that are interpreted by most to point to an end time one-world government, a one-world monetary system, and a one-world religion. Many Bible prophecy interpreters see this New World Order as being controlled by an Antichrist, false messiah.
If the Illuminati conspiracy and the New World Order has any validity and is indeed occurring, for the Christian, there is one fact that must be remembered: God has sovereignly allowed these developments, and they are not [beyond His ultimate control].

God is in control
God is in control, not the Illuminati. No plan or scheme the Illuminati develop could in any way prevent, or even hinder, God’s sovereign plan for the world.
If there is indeed some truth to the Illuminati conspiracy, the Illuminati are actually pawns in the hands of satan, tools to be manipulated in his conflict with God.
The fate of the Illuminati will be the same as the fate of their lord, satan/lucifer, who will be cast into the lake of fire, to be tormented day and night, forever and ever (Rev 20:10). In John 16:33 Jesus declared, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
For Christians, we need to understand the Illuminati conspiracy in the light of the words of 1 John 4:4, “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the One who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.”
– Peter Hammond