Vaccines, Visas & Visiting The Holy Land

From natural disasters to plagues and pandemics, 2020 will be remembered as one of the most terrible years for mankind. And at this early stage, 2021 does not look much better either – with the world effectively still on pause until a vaccine (which is being touted as the silver bullet for us to return to normal) is administered on a global scale. Though the mainstream media and politicians alike hail the benefits of mass vaccination against COVID-19, detractors (and Christians) look on with bated breath, reticent to swallow the advice of liberal organisations like the W.H.O. and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Conspiracy theories abound, and YouTube is flooded with videos from scientists and arm-chair experts contradicting each other on a daily basis. So what are we to do as believers? Seek wisdom from God, evaluate all we are told in light of scripture, and proceed with decisions prayerfully and patiently. God is not taken by surprise, and COVID is not mightier than the Blood of Jesus. We must remember this when the voices around us resonate louder and louder with undertones of fear, control, manipulation, and despair. 

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