The Legacy of a Legend

Fred Roberts, born April 27th 1932, was a wonderful man of God who has left a legacy of tens of thousands of souls reached for Christ. On November 13th 2017, at the age of 85, Fred went quietly to be with his Lord and Saviour. Pastor Fred’s love for the Lord was evident when you met him, as his heart’s mission was to serve Jesus with all that he had in him.

The following is tribute by Ron Steele: Tears of Gold
Many tears were shed when the sad news was received of Pastor Fred’s passing to glory. But each tear was more precious than the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London. These tears brought grateful memories to the thousands of people around the world who encountered Jesus Christ after hearing Pastor Fred’s impassionate proclamation of the Gospel. Other precious tears recalled to thousands the healing power of God when Pastor Fred laid hands or anointed them with oil and said a simple prayer of faith. And many wet eyes remind the many widows of the words of comfort they received from Pastor Fred when they stood in despair at the bedside of a departed loved one. Many are the tears of joy for the many babies blessed and dedicated to the Lord by a beaming Pastor Fred. Yes, the tears that stain our cheeks are precious because they speak of the love and passion of Pastor Fred. They are like a waterfall of grace for the multitudes whose lives were touched by a man dearly loved. And don’t forget the many tears that Pastor Fred shed when confronted with the challenges of life and the responsibility of the ministry. But those tears were wiped away when he was welcomed into the splendour of Heaven and beheld the matchless beauty of his Saviour Jesus.

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