The Biblical Requirements For Healing

The heart of God is to see you healed. God is not the source of sickness (Acts 10:38). He is good all the time. Satan is always the source of every sickness and disease. Satan is the source of evil while God is the source of all good. God is as willing as He has always been to heal His people. Healing is a Covenant right.
We read sometimes how people in the Old Testament were punished, and sickness came upon the wicked. It might even seem at times that God was the source of sickness when we read that God put sickness on them. God is the same“yesterday, today, and tomorrow” – Hebrews 13:8. He does not change. So how did God put sickness on the wicked if He is not the source of sickness? Firstly, it was the sin of the wicked that enabled it. Secondly, God stepped aside and allowed oppressive demons to attack the wicked with sickness and disease. This is what He meant in the OT when He said He will punish the wicked with sickness and disease.

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