Smile, Play, & Laugh with Jesus

For many centuries when artists painted Jesus’ portrait they didn’t put a smile on His face. It has been the same in sermons, books, and Gospel movies. Almost always, Jesus was portrayed as serious, if not sombre, as He went about preaching the Gospel, healing sickness, and discipling anyone who was interested. 

Of course, Jesus didn’t always smile, but He smiled a lot! To see the smile of Jesus is the most important expression on His face for us to notice. Sadly, few people appreciated Jesus’ smile. Fewer still understood discipleship to Jesus as a playful and joyful adventure. For centuries, no one imagined Jesus laughing — that was thought to be blasphemous! How sad it is that a veil of solemn religiosity has covered our minds so that we don’t see Jesus as He really is: free and full of life!

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