Rolene & Ledivia Strauss: Beauty with Purpose

Rolene and Ledivia Strauss are sisters-in-law, medical doctors, and love the Lord unashamedly. They have walked with Jesus since they were young. As a 12-year-old girl, Ledivia’s mother led her to the Lord as they knelt down together in her mom’s bedroom. 

Rolene was baptised last year. As the former Miss South Africa (2014) and Miss World (2014), she not only completed her medical studies, but recently also obtained a master’s degree in management coaching. 

Together, Rolene and Ledivia have opened a holistic medical practice, RevitaHealth, focusing on clients’ and patients’ physical and emotional well-being. JOY! chatted to these beautiful ladies about their faith, the myth of the perfect woman, and about health from the inside out…

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