Rise Of The Drones

We are used to seeing drones traverse the skies. Few people think twice when they see a single drone hovering in the air. Multiple drones moving in tandem and quickly shifting directions might catch our attention for a moment, but we don’t give those much thought either. Maybe we should. In fact, ask yourself this question – what if those drones were armed?
Synchronised drones let us see the future of warfare. Why do I say that? Let me ask you another question. Have you ever seen a large flock of birds flying in unison? They look like a cloud. And the whole flock can shift left, right, up, or down – all in a split second. Despite their quick shifts, these birds act as one. They aren’t disorganised or disjointed. They fly in perfect harmony as if they have a single mind. We observe similar behaviour in schools of fish, bees, locusts, gnats, and all sorts of animals.

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