Little Falls Band – Honouring Jesus

Little Falls Band – Honouring Jesus
With the pressure of the world on working musicians and singers, it’s hard to find a group of artists united together with a true understanding that all gifts come from the Father and are to be used to honour Him above all else. The ‘Little Falls Band’ is resisting the temptations of the world, whilst still having an impactful role to play in it. Most of the band musicians who worship together in one spirit, with one vision (to see God glorified) are professionals and earn a living performing music. They are well versed in every genre and join regularly to worship Jesus in church, at events and productions and through recording albums.

Bringing their gifts to the Lord
Their contemporary sound caters for all ages, but it’s the excellence and passionate lyrics that truly set the ‘Little Falls Band’ apart from traditional ‘church’ bands. The driving force behind the team is Marie Watson, daughter of Harold and Maud Weitsz (founders and pastors of Little Falls Christian Centre in Roodepoort). Gifted with the ability to draw out the most creative environments for her team, Marie is committed to seeing their talents used by the Lord. “I truly get a kick out seeing people move passionately in their gifting from God and ultimately be there to experience the fruit thereof. It is life changing to have one’s gifting come in line with the Will of God.”

Sacrificing secular gigs for God
The team seems to flow in the gifts of the Spirit, namely humility and faithfulness. Even with their individual fame, they are not moved from their commitment and accountability to ‘the Sunday Platform’. Having sacrificed high paying gigs on Sundays, the artists remain committed to worshipping with the church on Sundays. The blessings thereof have been abundant in their careers, as they give Him alone the glory and honour. Every Tuesday the team meets at Marie’s home where they are constantly challenging one another to maintain a pure Christian lifestyle. The trust, accountability and friendship between these muso’s is God-breathed.

Finding meaning in music
Theo Kassen, the bassist in the group shares his testimony on how his life changed: “I was raised in a Christian home and started playing guitar in church from the age of 12. Church life was all I knew growing up and so after many years leading a Christian life, the world got the better of me and I turned my back on the church, not wanting to stay involved.

I started playing with a popular Afrikaans music artist and spent most of my time on the road touring. I partied like there was no tomorrow. Laying drunk in bed after a big show one night, the reality of how empty my life was, hit hard. I needed to change, and six months later I was booked to play at a 60th birthday celebration. It was just another gig for me, but little did I know that God had other plans! It ended up being Pastor Harold Weitsz’ party. God used this event to bring me home again. Not only am I playing in church, but I am happily married and blessed. God has fully restored my life and I can truly testify that He is Lord of the second chance. “

Exchanging fame and fortune
Kurt Herman, another band member and vocalist, also had a hectic past of partying. “After succumbing to a life of drugs, sex and alcohol abuse from an early age, I found myself on a beach in Cape Town about to OD. It was at this point that I clearly heard the voice of God saying, “Turn to Me, and I will give you a second chance.” He opened up a door for me in the music business through winning a talent competition, where I gained ‘star status’ and enjoyed fame – and sadly became full of the pride of life. I went back to ground zero again and with my wife, tried to build a music empire. After failing repeatedly we finally surrendered our lives to Christ, and started building our lives on the Word of God. Subsequently, we have seen God take us from nothing to an overflow of blessing.

We are humbled by the people that He has put around us – our pastors; our leaders; our worship team; our business and all the friends and family.”

The hard lessons that the members of The ‘Little Falls Band’ have learnt, along with their commitment to serving the Lord is paying off. Lives are being impacted by their music, and the Kingdom is being expanded through their obedience and the surrender of their talents to His Will. They have produced 9 albums and are available for Christian events.

Compiled by Jackie Georgiou

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