How Should A Christian Deal With Infertility?

How Should A Christian Deal With Infertility? What is an infertile Christian couple to do? What does the Bible say about in-vitro fertilisation? What is the Biblical stance on artificial insemination? Should a Christian married couple consider artificial insemination? Is being a sperm/egg donor a sin? Is it a sin to use a sperm egg donor? Is this the same as abortion?

The problem of infertility can be a very difficult one, especially for couples who have looked forward to children all their lives. Christian couples can find themselves asking “Why us, Lord?”, surely God wants Christians to be blessed with children to love and nurture? For physically healthy couples, one of the most heart-wrenching aspects of infertility is not knowing whether it is a temporary or permanent situation. If it is temporary, how long must they wait? If it is permanent, how do they know that, and what should be their course of action?

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