Exclusive Interview with Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng

Mogoeng Thomas Reetsang Mogoeng is the current Chief Justice of South Africa. He holds an important role in the landscape of South African politics, and is bringing Godly values back into government. He is a man who is fiercely committed to our country’s constitution, upholding the law, and is sold out for Jesus! He has been in office for 9 years, and has garnered a significant admiration and respect from South Africans. JOY! reached out to Mogoeng during the lockdown to speak about the state of our nation and to hear what God has placed in his heart.

Q. You were appointed Chief Justice in September 2011. During your term, South Africa experienced political turmoil, economic distress, and a state of disaster. Your leadership provided much needed stability and direction to the nation in times of uncertainty. Do you believe God prepared you for a time such as this?

Q. Some politicians have criticised the Courts for judgements they disagree with. How do you ensure the Judiciary remains independent in the face of political intimidation?

Q. The judiciary played a vital role in disrupting corruption. What more can the courts do to combat and even eradicate corruption in South Africa? 

Q. What do you believe a post-pandemic South Africa will look like?

Q. You have assumed leadership of the ‘50 Days of Healing’ initiative. Do you believe South Africa can successfully heal the divisions of the past?

Q. Is the Church doing enough to promote forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing?

Q. The Constitutional Court ruled the Electoral Act unconstitutional, paving the way for independent candidates to contest the General Elections. Do you believe this will fundamentally change South African politics?

Q. Your term as Chief Justice ends in 2021. But the nation needs strong principled leadership. What role do you see yourself playing in South Africa’s future? 

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