Chip Ingram Shares Insights On Faith, Authenticity, & Finding Balance

This month, we had the privilege of interviewing pastor Chip Ingram. Wow, what a truly inspirational, authentic, and humble leader. In a candid conversation, he provided valuable perspectives on staying true to biblical truths while connecting with the needs of today’s generation, navigating sensitive subjects with compassion, and finding balance amidst the demands of life. Chip is a renowned pastor, author, and influential Christian leader. Be blessed as you enjoy this exclusive look into the heart and wisdom of pastor Chip.

Chip was brought up in a non-Christian home, the son of an alcoholic father. Chip’s spiritual journey began with a profound realisation of what God truly desired from His people. Reflecting on his own conversion experience, he recalled encountering Romans 12:1, which emphasises surrendering oneself as a living sacrifice to God’s will. Chip shared, “I realised that God wants us to surrender our lives completely to His plans. In ministry, this often led to unexpected paths, relocations, and life-altering decisions as a family.”

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