A Message For The Christian Who Has Stopped Going To Church

I love Jesus, but I don’t do church. This is the beginning of a conversation that I have had countless times with people of all different ages, backgrounds, and experiences. As well as, I am a Christian, but I do not have to go to church in order to love Jesus. It is true. We definitely do not have to do anything for God, nor is our salvation based on our works or church attendance. But it is also true that when we surrender our lives to Him, we naturally desire to learn more about Him, to be a part of the Body of Christ, and to be held accountable and pointed towards sanctification. We are called to live out an active faith.

The church isn’t primarily a building or a set of programmes or events. It’s a family. A broken family, yes. But a family all-the-more, seeking God to love more, serve more, and share light in a super, super dark world. We see throughout the Bible that Christ Himself was part of the church. His apostles were as well.
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