10 Things You Want To Know About Heaven

Artists and movie makers depict Heaven as a colourless place where the occupants sport wings and halos and have nothing better to do than strum harps and lounge on clouds. Sceptics like Mark Twain denounce Heaven as unbearably boring and full of hypocritical prudes. Misconceptions about heaven abound. So let’s clear some of them up. Here are 10 questions that Christians are embarrassed to ask about Heaven.

1. Is heaven in the clouds?
2. Will heaven be plain white?
3. Do people become angels in heaven?
4. Will people have wings and halos in heaven?
5. Will people in heaven lose their sense of taste, touch, or smell?
6. Will heaven be full of nerds and prudes?
7. Will we recognise loved ones in heaven?
8. Will there be sadness in heaven over unsaved loved ones?
9. Will shame keep us from enjoying heaven?
10. Will heaven be boring?

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