June 2022

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In this exciting issue of JOY! Magazine, we focus on some hard-hitting topics. In an exclusive interview with Amir Tsarfati – End Times & Israel Expert – we chat about the state of the world, upcoming Bible Prophecy, and what to expect with regards to the End Times. We also share multiple interesting articles on animal skins, climate change, biblical science, and how we should react when faced with worldly views and opinions. We need to always have an answer for what we believe, which is why JOY seeks to equip our readers with a biblical worldview. Don’t miss out, pick up your June copy and be inspired and informed!

cover story:
– ­Exclusive Interview With Amir Tsarfati

– ­Who’s In The News
– ­General Christian News And Updates
– ­A Prophetic Opportunity For The Church
– ­Understanding Hate Speech

feature stories:
– ­Proof Texts & Politics Within The Church
– ­Cain & The Murder Of Abel – Q & A
– ­Why It’s Crucial To Mentor Godly Dads
– ­A Biblical Approach To Climate Change
– ­Is It Wrong To Kill Insects?
– ­Fantastic Animal Skins

missions & TESTIMONIES:
‘If God Wants To Bless You, No One Can Stop Him’
‘I Know It Was You Lord’ – Reader Testimony
A Restored Father/Son Relationship
– ­Same Faith, Different Lives…
– ­Holy Ground – CfaN Testimony
– ­From Atheist Hacker To Christian Broadcaster

– ­Editor’s Note – The Need For Self-Discipline
– ­Salvation Prayer
– ­What Is The Anointing?
God Wants To Use You
– ­3 Points To Ponder On Seeking God & Hearing His Voice
– ­A Little More Kindness
– ­The Gospel Is Not: ‘So Long As You Are A Good Person’
– ­Stumbling Blocks That Delay Church Transformation
– ­The Birth Of A Devoted Citizen – Chris Mathebula
– ­Redefining Your World View
Prophecy: ‘Come Away With Me, My Bride’

– ­Bible Fun: Quiz, Crossword, And Word Search
– ­Did You Know? Fun Bible Facts
– ­Commentary Of 1 Corinthians 9:24
– ­Getting To Know God: The Wrath Of God
– ­Who Is Your Gatekeeper? – Gerrie Bester
– ­Characters Of The Bible: High Priest Eli
­Ask Val – Biblical Answers To Tough Questions

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