January 2023

January issue is now on sale!

It’s a New Year and our cup is overflowing with JOY! Our first issue of this year is now on sale, and it is absolutely stunning! With a cover feature on the power couple, Heinz & Aletté Winckler – you will be inspired, encouraged, and challenged on your faith journey. Read all about Heinz’s journey from a popstar to a pastor, and what prompted the faithful change in career. Aletté also shares about her passion of empowering others.

Other exciting features that we hope will equip you in this new year include an article on Godly attitudes to bring into your workplace, a sermon on Biblical radiance, a new series unpacking the parables of Jesus, and some tips on how to handle passive aggressiveness, as well as irritating people!

In all things, we are guided by the Lord, and we seek to honour Him and glorify His Name. We pray that you will be blessed by this issue, and that your spirit will be filled as you turn the pages.

– Exclusive Interview With Heinz & Aletté Winckler

– Who’s In The News
– Shocking Assault On Your Children In Schools
– The Hate Speech Bill – A Threat To Freedom Of Expression
– General Christian News And Updates

– Useful Tips To Help You Declutter
– 8 Tips For A Fresh Start In 2023
– Living Triumphantly – Q&A With Dr Patience Mlengana
– How To Respond To Passive Aggressiveness
– Radiance Will Dispel The Darkness Of This World – Sermon
– Studying The Parables Of Jesus
– God’s Forgiveness In Christ Sets Sinners Free!
– 4 Steps For Handling Irritating People
– 5 Godly Attitudes To Bring Into Your Workplace
– Who Is Going To Give Your Children Their Worldview?
– 5 Surprising Facts About Owls You Would Never Have Guessed

– ‘I Know It Was You Lord’ – Reader Testimony
– Surviving A Freak Accident
– A Success Story Out Of The Cape Flats
– A Tourist On A Secret Mission…
– At The Name Of Jesus, Every Knee Will Bow!

– Editor’s Note – Consecrate Yourself To The Lord
– It’s Harvest Time – Grant & Theunsina Neyt
– What Is Faith?
– The Importance Of Servant Leadership
– 3 Points To Ponder On Starting A New Year
– Why Faithfulness Trumps Relevance
– A New Day Of Pentecost: Part 2
– A Devoted Citizen Identifies Their Purpose

– Bible Fun: Quiz, Crossword, And Word Search
– Ask Val – Biblical Answers To Tough Questions
– Did You Know? Fun Biblical Facts
– Characters Of The Bible: Elijah
– How Will You Be Remembered? – Chip Ingram

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